Harken! Hear the sound of the drum.

The tone is a reminder of things to come.

And what has been — in the world of the unseen.

The beat compels one to take stock, to stop,

To listen to the sound of the drum.

It cries a tone of mourning, or atonement.

Or a call to a loved one.

The sound carried on the air, by the wind.

To reach out to those who know the meaning of the drum.

The sound of the drum calls out to the heart.

The heartbeat, the world within

That is encountered through the beat of the drum.



The sun is shining its light on the water as night approaches

We know many of you feel wistful about those who have passed away from your side. Yet they are still by your side. They have not left you; and if you can remember this during your Christmas you will lose all sense of loneliness and grief. You will know that where there is love there can be no separation. True, they are spirit; nevertheless they reman the same individuals that you loved, when in their fleshly dress. They are with you now and they will remain with you.



Hark! I hear a song in the wind

Notes rolling by

Ssssshh, hisses, round and round

It is a sound of ages fraught with thunder, storms and mire.

But now a lightness caresses the cheek

Whispering words of compassion that must be heard

Love, honour, friendship and more.




Gently, gently tread the path of peace and love every day

Though breezes of discontent cross your path brush them away.

Fear not the path of light and love, for guidance will always be near — a whisper away.

Be steadfast in how the path of love brightens your day

And keeps you safe — out of harm’s way.




So worldly we think we are

travelling through life both near and far

When all we need is within our grasp

A fire burning bright, in hearth of heart

All answers are within

So listen with intent and love

For words from Spirit will guide you far.



With joy in our hearts we skip along to the tune of Mother Nature

The whistle of the wind that rustles the leaves in the trees

And grasses that greet us along the pathway we travel

The bubbling brook as water cascades along the river

The birds that sing their songs of greeting

And the sounds of the legged ones running along

This is the voice of Mother Nature

This is her song.

(photo & words copyright: Evie D 2021)



The dawn of time is like a shadowy cloud

There is no beginning

There is no end

There is just the “is”, the “now”

A fleeting glimpse of past, present and future

All one

Intertwined like a cobweb

that you gingerly balance and weave your way

To here, to there

Like a dance on a tightrope

You twirl one foot here

One leg there

As gently you crisscross the roads — the webs of life.

(Copyright Evie D Fregon 2020)



(Helen Steiner Rice)

Happy little memories go flitting through my mind

And in all my thoughts and memories I always seem to find

The picture of your face, Mother, the memory of your touch

And all the other little things, I’ve come to treasure so much,

You cannot go beyond my thoughts, or leave my love behind

Because I keep you in my heart, and forever on my mind.

Mother and child at sunset by the beach, by Saulius Sutkas from Unsplash



(Helen Steiner Rice)

Memories are a treasure time cannot take away

So may you be surrounded by happy ones today

May all the love and tenderness of golden years well spent

Come back today to fill your hearts with beauty and content